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Rubber Based Products

  • Hot Water Bottles
    • Various patterns and colors
    • Colors in blue, red, green, yellow,
      purple, black, and others
    • Available in plastic or metal stoppers
    • Individually packaged in poly bag
    • Product No.
      MS-301 (2,500ml)
      MS-302 (2,000ml)
      MS-303 (1,750ml)
      MS-304 (1,500ml)
      MS-305 (1,000ml)

  • Ice Bags
    • Available in oval, round or cloth with latex covers
    • Product No.
      MS-320 (Oval)
      MS-320B (Round)
      MS-320C (Cloth with latex covers)

  • Vaginal Douche Dia
    • Product No. MS-321

  • Breast Relievers
    • Product No. MS-325

  • Air Operating Cushions
    • Product No. MS-322

  • Ear Syringes
    • Sizes: 30cc, 60cc; 90cc; 120cc
    • Product No. MS-323

  • Pear Syringes
    • Sizes: 30cc, 60cc; 90cc; 120cc
    • Product No. MS-324
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