Medstar represents a network of over fifty manufacturing partners and affiliates in China, which provide a wide spectrum of medical and patient care products, including medical diagnostics, catheters and urologicals, rubber based disposables, surgical instruments, wound care dressings, wheelchairs, ambulatory products, personal protection products, and medical disposables.

Our manufacturing partners are selected based on their management acumen, production capabilities and efficiencies, quality assurance levels, core product offerings, and proven track records.

We work closely with our partners in ways that encourage growth and loyalty. We're actively involved in their key decision making processes, and we routinely help them resolve production and logistics issues. We also guide them develop new products as well as incorporate new technologies.

Most of our manufacturing partners are ISO certified and CE compliant, and our products are in strict conformance to industry and international standards.

As a result, we've been able to consistently exceed our customers' expectations. And we can offer the most competitive prices in China.